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Shangri-La Hotels Improve Service Through Optimized Workforce

Today's tough economy means hotels are struggling for the same customers and need to differentiate themselves. By efficiently addressing customer service needs through social media channels in addition to traditional ones, Shangri-La is distinguishing themselves through outstanding and exceptional service.



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The Core Challenge

To survive and thrive in this economy, enterprises must manage a tight IT budget while providing a network core that supports an explosion of real-time applications and devices. Add multiple networks and IT ends up with a management challenge that won't go away on its own.



Adaptive Enterprise Solutions for People with Disabilities

Integrating a disabled person into the workplace requires facilities that are accessible and includes a disabled-friendly communications solution. Alcatel-Lucent and its partners in the AAPP deliver communication solutions for sensory or physically challenged individuals in the workplace.


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Businesses Change the Conversation with OpenTouch

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch packages are now available. They enable businesses to transform communications into multi-party conversations across any device, any network, and any media.